About Us

roverity is a software development company focused on mobile apps creation using native and HTML based technologies. Target platforms include Apple IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone 7.

The roverity team has been developing software since Moses' dog was a puppy. We have considerable experience developing quality software products for platforms including Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac and even IBM mainframes, in various configurations including desktop, client/server, web-based and mobile.

Before founding roverity, we worked with a wide range of companies and government agencies. Click here for details.

We are passionate about we do and will provide you with a top dog solution -- there isn't a runt in our litter.

roverity does not believe in "one-and-done" projects, we prefer to become your technology parter. Look upon roverity as an integral resource to your team, providing  honest, experienced-based recommendations and solutions.

Our Advantage

Just as “not all apps in the App Store are created equal,” not all mobile development and consulting firms offer you the same advantages. Below, we’re pleased to highlight the key reasons why our clients choose roverity over the competition:

Service: Our small, tight-knit team of experts are approachable, accessible and never make clients feel like they’re “just another client.”

Value: We remove the needless layers between developers and clients in order to deliver high results at a reasonable cost.

Efficiency: We specialize in working in a lightweight mode that focuses on quick and consistent turnaround of finished demos based on clear deliverables.  

Solutions: We deliver continuously, so that we can keep the project on track und uncover issues early.



Excellence:. We give every project a “craftsman's attention to detail.” We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work, and are personally invested in the process and outcome of every project.

Collaboration: We involve and collaborate with our clients throughout the process, and involve them via regular reports, frequent test builds, ongoing project reviews, and other key client touch points.

Capacity: We leverage our trusted network of professional independent contractors to give clients a complete package.

Advice: We help clients evaluate their project scope and vision, and deliver early prototypes that enable informed decisions.