Our Portfolio


Here's a sampling of our blue ribbon apps.




The Kitchener Horticultural Society in the largest in Ontario. With almost 500 members KHS wanted a way to streamline member renewals and event attendance tracking. roverty developed a CRM-like native iPad app that effectively addressed the challenge. It links to their member database using a webservice API, also developed by roverity.

Now membership  information can be verfied and processed in realtime helping to ensure accurate records.




damage.pngclaim.pngPocket Insurance

No one likes to be involved in an auto accident. Now with Pocket Insurance, some of the stress is eased.  

Its never been easier to file a claim.

You can initiate a claim with a few taps on your iPhone. You don't have to worry about missing important details.   Over a dozen screens to help you properly document your claim.  The app allows you to record information about the vehicles and people involved in the accident with step by step instuctions. Take pictures, draw what happened, note damage to your vehicle and other property. Send the claim.





habitational.pngCSIO Habitational Insurance Application Form App

Applying for house insurance can be an intensive information gathering task.  Previously, brokers would collect the information on paper and fax or mail it the insurance company. Often there would be data entry errors or questions.  Now the processed is streamlined and the broker can collect over 300 data items with this web app, get it signed digitally, and transmit the application to the insurance company.






Point-of-Sale App

This multiuser point-of-sale app provides great customer service with a quick check out experience while tracking inventory. All inventory data and transactions are stored on a server that is accessed through web service APIs.

Back end reports show fastest selling products, peak selling times, customer wait time, reorder lists to avoid shortages etc.


coming soon....